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the beast of many names
10 September 2020 @ 02:30 pm
Those with ears, let them hear...the call of the beastly ones, from a world familar but far from here.
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the beast of many names
17 August 2015 @ 03:55 pm
Well as much as I hate to say it I think this elgay is going to die. Not delete, just die. I bought a notebook today (seriously, who spends 15 minutes browsing a notebook section at Target looking for the perfect notebook? A person who writes all her stories by hand, that's who) to write down all my soulbond stuff in, since my comp is fried putting it on my phone is a bitch. I have some very thrilling things happening right now, but again I wonder about people seeing me as fluffy so I just figure screw it and keep it to myself. I REALLY would love to stay in touch with fellow soulbonders, but I only get on here and work and don't always sift through all my friends and groups to read stuff.

So if you really REALLY REALLY want to talk to me or whatever, email me @ queenwolf2007@yahoo.com. Or text me. Just ask for my number. I trust most of you.

I hate to say it but I literally don't use this for anything except posting 'lol I need to post more'. Find me on Facebook, Furaffinity, and Weasyl for the most part.

the beast of many names
for those otherkin, therians, and whatnot that stumble across this and may still read this, because apparently I'm popular and well known. Not kidding. I have seen people online mention me in those terms in 2014/2015.

I am not a therian. I hate therians. I did recognize as one but haven't since like 2009. I really truly do hate all of you.

I technically fall under the otherkin umbrella but even now I am loathe to call myself otherkin. I am NOT saying I don't identify as wolf, hippocampus, and bighorn. Nothing has changed in that aspect. Just otherkin is not something I want to associate myself with. Everything is still the same, except I don't like that label anymore. (Been about a year since I felt this way.)

Thus I will never be active in those communities ever again (haven't for a few years). I even destroyed my otherkin site which had been active since 2005, and just left my soulbond article and my aquatic otherkin media list active. I even want to wash my old name Ketrino from the net, but that is probly impossible. I have stopped using Ketrino. It mainly refers to my old fursona based on my white wolf kintype. Literally the only thing 'Ketrino' is now, is the name of my fursuit. Now I am either going by my furry or mermaid names. (Pestilence and Western Sea)

Soulbonding and fictionkin I would like to be more active in...but with no net at home, and a community that's not very active or mostly on tumblr, that's hard for me. Those two will never die, I promise you. (Altho I like to push away my fictionkin past and embrace the life I have now. Lingering on such a fucked up and terrible past is not good.)

So if you absolutely must find me, look for furry websites! Furry has been my life since 2009. It basically fulfills all the needs my otherkin and fictionkin 'selves' need. I can be animal, be myself, and interact with other animal-minded nuts and not have to deal with the crap of therians and otherkin. Hurray! Furries are basically the best thing ever, and function as a huge, local offline community- way better than lurking on a computer.

-Western Sea
the beast of many names
18 July 2015 @ 12:26 pm
This is a mermaid/hippocampus name change. Why? Because of Keiji calling Motochika 'Western Sea' in Sengoku BASARA. That shit caught on quick and now I want it for my name. So behold, I am Western Sea when referring to hippocampus (instead of Ikkthu, which I didn't use much anyway); and Mystery of the Western Sea when referring to mermaiding (either Mystery or Western Sea, but Imma see if I can get new irl mers to call me Western Sea). That's pretty much my reasoning. I love the way it sounds. I don't care if you do. In fact, I doubt anyone is even reading this right now.

-Western Sea
the beast of many names
I'm assuming you care. You better.

Well, I got a letter back from Texas A/M regarding my request to release info regarding dog 29846 aka Torolf. They said: [note they call me MISTER. Wow.]

Re: Request for a Decision regarding a Public Information Request from [my name] to
Texas A&M University (TAMU 15-289)

Dear Open Records Division:
On April 10, 2015 Texas A&M University received a public information request from
[myname]. In the request, enclosed as Exhibit A, Mr. [my name] is seeking certain information
related to a laboratory research animal.
At this time, the university is in the process of gathering and reviewing information
responsive to the request. We believe the requestor seeks records that may include information
excepted from disclosure pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act, Government Code,
Chapter 552 (the Act), sections 552.101 through 552.154, including but not limited to section
552.101. Accordingly, we are requesting a decision regarding this request.
In accordance with section 552.301(e) of the Act, we will submit as soon as possible and
no later than May 1, 2015, the 15th business day after the receipt of the request, a labeled copy of
the requested information, or representative samples thereof, along with our written comments
stating the reasons the stated exceptions would allow all or part of the requested information to
be withheld from disclosure....

You know what I think.


You will be free, Torolf.


I am making a blog called Freeing Torolf, regarding the rest of this bs.

the beast of many names
16 April 2015 @ 12:57 pm

So mom's cat was diagnosed as diabetic. Help her out with the cost of diabetic stuff. Any amount. Do it. Come on. Don't you like cats?

Ty if you do! (*expects no one to donate*)


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the beast of many names
17 March 2015 @ 09:20 am
PLZ read the site before posting a comment here esp. if you're confused about this. :| Tried sharing already and people are thinking, wtf is this.

'ADOPT' a dog or cat currently being used for some sick humans' lab experiments. Advocate for their freedom. Be their voice. Check out the links and do it!!!


lo and behold there was a U. near Bayville, NY but all the whopping FOUR animals were adopted, so I went with Texas A&M. I know how shitty such a life is, so you bet your ass I will do everything I can to free this dog. I named him/her Torolf...like me. Thor's wolf.
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the beast of many names
10 March 2015 @ 04:45 pm
I love when I Google myself.

the beast of many names
31 December 2014 @ 09:08 am
A Zoanthrope revolution is coming. 2015, is the time, the start.

In order to stay motivated with this nine yr old elgay, I am making some changes. Most friend posts will reflect otherkin, otakin, and soulbonding stuff along with all my other 'paranormal' and 'psychic' stuff, while my everyday life will either be private or facebook. Which is why you can't see a lot of stuff anymore. IOW, I no longer need 'normal' people to balance out this journal.

Besides, no one reads this. Friends vanish, delete journals, find me unsavory and are driven off, etc. Since 2006, I might have almost 100 friends, but probably five of them ever read this constantly. If you're one, thanks...but while before I wanted people to share all my stuff with (esp sb, otherkin, etc) I just can't care anymore. That's what my equally old website is for. Me, I got greater shit to aspire towards.

the beast of many names
29 December 2014 @ 01:14 pm
My new yr's goal is "convert" (horrible word) people to veganism. Especially furries and animal otherkin/therians. You motherfuckers say you love animals, are animal activists, and work with nature magic while you eat, wear, and exploit animals despite that your words are 100% bullshit. You can't be such a rampant animal lover while you use animals. At all. Zilch. Zero. It is some of the most epic hypocritical, contridicting bullshit ever. I have two essays reflecting such bs ready to go on my website once I get internet on my comp. Anyone who has problems with this mentality or makes up excuses to becoming vegan, unfriend me now. With all this info on the net it is 100% possible to live vegan easily. I am doing it. Children are being raised vegan with no animal products and if THEY can be BORN vegan, you sure as shit can make an effort. I know coming off as a 'militant vegan' can drive people off, but seriously



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